How do I create an AAU Club and Register for Membership?

Go to and click on JOIN AAU on the top left hand side. It will bring you to the log in screen where you will need to login, register for a user name and password or continue as a guest user. We suggest you sign up for an account so you can manage your purchases and easily be able to renew memberships the following year.

First, register your club administrator, coaches and all adults affiliated with your club as an adult non-athlete member. The Non-Athlete Membership fee is $16 or $18 for the added benefit per year. We are now conducting mandatory background screenings on all adult non-athletes as well as adult athletes. Memberships are NO LONGER INSTANT. All adult coaches, athletes and club members will need to sign the consent form so that the background check can be processed. Once your application has cleared, you will be sent a confirmation that your application has been accepted along with your AAU Membership ID. Once your application is accepted you may begin your club application if you are purchasing a club for a team sport.

The Club Application is the second step in this process. You can purchase just one club and have multiple teams under the club.

You will now log in with your user name and password that you originated at the time of your Adult Non-Athlete application. Once logged in on the right hand side you will see Club Application, which you will need to fill out with your team information. If you are only looking to participate, you will choose LEVEL 1 ($30), if you want to host events choose LEVEL 2 ($60) and if you want to be a subordinate non-profit 501(c)3 under the AAU choose LEVEL 3 ($300). You are able to upgrade from a Level 1 to a Level 2 during the same membership year. There are no upgrades available to a Level 3.

Your club membership regardless of the level provides you with the benefit of a $10,000,000 General Liability Insurance coverage for your facilities where you practice. The Individual membership provides the athletes and coaches with the ability to participate in the AAU sports along with Sports Accident Insurance.

Once you have processed your non-athletes and club, you can start adding your athletes under Athlete Application, or you can give the parents the club code to register their individual child. The cost is $14 or $16 for the added benefit per year.

Added Benefit will provide your athletes and coaches with the Sports Accident Insurance if you are playing in a non-AAU Sanctioned event for another organization. In order for the AB benefit to be effective, all club members must be registered as same.

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