AAU Travel Season (Coronavirus)
Question asked by Monica Randolph - March 11 at 5:39 PM
My question is seeing that the NCAA has suspended fan/crowd attendance during the remainder of their season; wouldn't this directly affect the AAU travel season?
There are quite a few teams that has paid money to attend "RECRUITING" events and things being what they are, will the recruiters actually attend those events given that the NCAA has suspended events that are crowd related? Especially with teams bearing the 'Sanctioned AAU Events' tourneys.
The parents have numerous questions about how AAU is proceeding and I'm trying to answer with the standard information but the main reason most of the young ladies join is for the opportunity to play and earn collegiate scholarships. The move the NCAA just made has a direct effect on the AAU season. Would be great to get an answer before taking fees and going into danger zones as states with confirmed cases are still holding tourneys and teams from those states are still attending tourneys. So, avoiding going to those areas doesn't negate ending up at a tourney with teams from those states. Again, just trying to quell concerned parents seeing as the NCAA just played an Ace card.
Thank you

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