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Thank you for contacting AAU. By purchasing a membership, you are not automatically placed on a team. The AAU is operated by volunteers and relies on the community and community leaders to organize teams. However, we do have tools that may assist you in finding a local club.

The My Child Wants to Play AAU Sports! program was developed for parents to facilitate finding a place for their child to play AAU Sports.

Purpose of the Program

This program gives parents the opportunity (not a guarantee of placement on a team) to have their contact info listed in a database that over 40,000 coaches may contact the parent regarding their child's participation with their team, squad, school, club, dojo and others.

Please Note: Enrolling in this program does not guarantee placement on a team, school, club, dojo, etc. It is a service the AAU provides to allow a parent to place their info in a database. AAU can not give out club or coaches contact info due to privacy concerns. Coaches interested in adding new athletes to their organization can access this database and may contact you regarding your child's participation.

The program is designed to keep the child's personal information confidential while using the parent as the contact person for communication purposes. This procedure ensures the integrity of the child's information. By following Steps 1-3 below, you will have the opportunity to have your child's sport, position and interests available to over 40,000 coaches.

FIND CLUBS IN YOUR AREA - Already have a membership and want to email clubs directly?
You can click on the following link to search clubs in your local area.

Please let me know if you need additional assistance.

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