I need to register my child for membership

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Go to www.aausports.org and click on JOIN AAU on the top left hand side. It will bring you to the log in screen where you will need to login, register for a user name and password or continue as a guest user. We suggest you sign up for an account so you can manage your purchases and easily be able to renew memberships the following year.


Click on New Membership/ Athlete membership to start. The Athlete Membership fee is $14 or $16 for the extended benefit per year. If your child plays for a team sport with a club, you will need to get the club code from your child’s coach so that your child will be properly affiliated with that club/team. If you do not have this code readily available, it can be added at a later time. Once you checkout, you will be able to view your receipt and your child’s PRINTABLE AAU Membership card will be at the bottom. You will also receive an email copy of the receipt.

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